Clóvis Camargo

Porto Alegre - RS

Born in Porto Alegre-RS, lives and works in São Paulo. Graduated in Industrial Design at Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), he develops works in the area of ​​visual communication, graphic design, visual identity, painting, sculptures, artistic and functional ceramics. Already had his works presented in collective exhibitions, art salons and, in 2018, in the metro of São Paulo. "A world full of colors, but filled with isolation. This contrast in the works, inflict us a contradictory inquire between reality and fantasy. My paintings have the sadness of the feelings, the wondering look and the joy of the tones, which explode before our eyes in a very dense figurative work. I focus my ideas on the individual, I look for their introspective side and at the same time I try to put the spectator in confrontation with their own solitude and inner thoughts. I investigate this sensation inside myself and in all the people I know and observe in the streets, in the city walls, in a flower that is born on the asphalt. Analyzing my work, I can perceive the lost gaze in an inner universe filled with doubts and desires. I watch many urban artists, try to capture the essence of these works and create something personal. Artists like Lasar Segall and Roberto Magalhães are also a strong influence. I believe that my work, with a modern look, has the intention or interest of causing people to immerse themselves, to research their lives; what they were, what they are and what they pretend to be."