Antonio Schubert

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

“Photography for me is contemplation. Despite having a personality given to observation of attitudes and reactions of others in different everyday situations, I only started to photograph in 2008.

I am interested in photography that has an affectionate look on all things, whether it is the one that approaches the human being as an individual or as an element embedded in the landscape, which manifests itself as a pure concept, which is remembrance, astonishment or insufficiency.

Since 2012, I have settled in the former chocolate factory in Bhering, a port area in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where I seek to develop new activities as a photographer and establish partnerships in the area of ​​Creative Economy, such as Design Week Rio, Buda de Fora, Fábrica Aberta, SOMA and Internal Circuit, events that bring together visual artists inside and outside the factory, with open workshops and works, portfolios and creation processes presented directly to the public by the participants.”