São Paulo - SP

Regiane is a painter, born in São Paulo, where she works and lives. Self-taught and passionate about art, she has participated over the years in several free study courses. These studies demystified her relationship with art and aroused a greater sensitivity, expanding her possibilities until she came across with canvases, on which she had the opportunity to completely devote herself in the last years.

Isabella is a painter formed by UNESP, in the city of Bauru. She did free study courses of decoration, landscaping, techniques of painting in wood, etc. But since the beginning, she knew that she would spend much of her time with paints and brushes.


In 2016, Regiane and Isabella, in addition to their individual works, joined forces for a four-part work phase in abstract acrylic painting.

Their canvases, in this first phase, have larger dimensions, and results in an explosion of colors and movements, which aim to awaken sensations and fantasies in connoisseurs.