Doris Geraldi

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Ceramist and sculptress, Doris Geraldi uses in her works bronze, resin and resimármore (mixing powder of marble with polyester resin).


The human body, mainly the feminine and mythological figures, are her chosen subjects. Doris seeks to show the lightness of forms and movements in her works.

She has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo - and abroad - Miami, New York and Berlin.


In addition to being a visual artist with international exhibitions, Doris founded and runs the social project Eflorescer, located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. The project serves 350 children, providing several activities such as dance, capoeira, kung fu, yoga and pilates. Doris shows all her sensitivity not only in her art, but in her actions in Eflorescer. Children have a special place in the heart of the artist, who dedicates herself to convey the values ​​and benefits of a healthy and collective life, helping to shape conscious, responsible, and good citizens.