Fabiana Nakano

São Paulo - SP

“I found in the visual arts my complete expression, which emanates from my being instinctively. Through subjective language I access infinite possibilities, that at the same time free me and establish my existence."

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at São Paulo University and passionate by visual arts, throughout her career Fabiana has taken courses in drawing, painting, illustration, woodcut and graffiti. Her studio is located in São Paulo, the city where she was born and currently lives. In her works, themes related to nature and to the feminine are often. "The deconstruction of myself was necessary in a certain moment of my life to reborn the truth of my essence that was always art. I completely changed my habits, my style of living, my thoughts and practices. Today I dedicate my life to the artistic work and to the quality feelings expressed through it. In my works I seek to tie simplicity and beauty.”