Fabio Benetti

São Paulo - SP

Benetti is a Brazilian artist who uses the force of his brushstrokes to denounce his uneasiness with the universe of laws. His paintings-collages represents the materiality of the here and now, the viscosity of thinking-way, the variety of innate vibrations-color to the attempt to find balance between order and chaos.

The artist follows a self-taught path for more than 20 years, concurrent the profession of lawyer. In 2015, inspired by the search of his existential and spiritual questions, many of them supported by the universe of quantum physics, philosophy, alchemy, architecture and by personal ruptures, decides to abandon the Law to exclusively dedicate himself to the practice of studio. In this development period, produces a series of paintings that are a criticism on the structures that the Western built to solve questions of ethics and justice, in the review of values ​​that truly promote equality. In this plunge or attempt to escape, Fábio overflows in a two-year performance experience, working as Construction Worker in the countryside of São Paulo, without being identified as owner and author of the work. In this period, he manipulated mud, slime, garbage, sand, cement, debris, heavy material loads and his counter sense, the slightest emotional burdens. From this catharsis, he comes closer to the simplicity and beauty of the meaning of the word, 'humanity'.