Ian Dolata

São Paulo - SP

Ian Dolata was born in São Paulo, is 29 years old and studied Product Design at Centro Universitário Belas Artes in São Paulo where he graduated in 2010. Ian is self-taught, he states that loves create, make projects and invent. He started working with clay, epoxy and, as a result, started to invent and develop his own techniques, sometimes by mistake, discovered a new technique, using resins, paper-marche ... His creative process has some different forms. Sometimes he finds the object, observes, and inspire himself to create something from it. The object gives him a guideline for creation. This is one of his ways of conception. Sometimes Ian creates a concept, has an idea and then goes after the object that serves to develop this work, be it a structure or a detail, often improvises and transforms these things. It's a process without rules, according to Ian "kind of crazy". Sometimes he says he does a project and it goes as planned. Other times, in an organic way, the work creates its own face. Regarding materials and tools, at the beginning he used his father's toolbox, which contained pliers, saw, hammer, kitchen knife, basic objects.

Due to the limitation of lack of an appropriate space (a studio) and appropriate tools, the artist started to create solutions. Ian practices jogging for sport and during these moments he started to notice that people in his neighborhood discarded many good things, not trash, as he points out: "We have a culture of waste", everything is perishable. He began to pick up on the buckets materials that would be discarded giving them new functions. His works are made of materials such as clay, epoxy resin, wire, wood, broken glass, reutilization substance, demolition material ...

"My sculptures have my digital. From the structure to the painting, it is 100% made by me. It is very methodical, laborious, meticulous. "

The artist says he does not have many influences. Artistically, he quite likes the surrealist style of Salvador Dalí, the story of Leonardo Da Vinci, of whom he was as a man, a designer, an artist, but does not feel influenced by them. Ian points out: "I've always avoided letting myself be influenced, I want to create new things. I want to try something without influences. Of course it is impossible not to be influenced by a work you see. My goal is to create a whole new concept. "