Irineide Klöckner

Maringá - PR

Born in 1961, in the city of Maringá/PR, Irineide Klöckner began her artistic career in 1983, and went through the most varied fields on visual arts, experiencing a great variety on painting techniques.

Since 2000, Irineide dedicates herself exclusively to painting on canvas, improving during these years her art in several techniques, through the coexistence with artists of different styles.

In recent years she has sought inspiration from big names in abstractionism, such as Jackson Pollock and Jonas Gerard, and has developed her own style. In her art Irineide expresses the beauty of life, in all its details and complexities, in the union of seemingly disconnected traits creates unique moments. During her career, Klöckner participated in exhibitions throughout the South region, having signed more than 2000 works of art, which today embellish residences and corporate environments throughout Brazil.