Ivy Soldera

Campinas - SP

Visual artist, graduated in Visual Arts with full degree and postgraduate in Docência in Educação Superior by the Claretiano; with specialization in oil painting by the Bauhaus. Ivy is the Founder of Soldera Art&Studio where she develops her creations, teaches courses and currently works on artistic mentoring projects.

Born in Campinas-SP, where she currently resides, she began her career in 2012, working as a freelancer and developing her skills, but her interest in the visual arts has been with her since she was a child.

The artist began her career as a figurative painter, until she finds her own artistic point of view, which has led her increasingly to contemporary and abstract art. At the moment she  dedicates herself to two parallel projects: the Landscapes project - which figuratively portrays the landscapes, and hers second project is tied to this new vision that takes the expression in a more fragmented and abstract way, highlighting the chromatic nuances and contrasts.

Her influences vary, from Willian Turner to contemporary painters. Her productions are the results of a multifaceted artist capable of expressing in each work poetry, life and its contrasts. Her painting techniques are based on the concept of absorbing a given perspective under the place, since the artist sees the world in a very interesting way and shares her vision and knowledge in her art; eternally in love with nature, she let herself be inspired and lead by it.

Her works are nothing more than the landscape retained by the senses of her senses in contemplating life in a unique way. Obstinate by what deepens establishes beyond observing. Makes use of her intuition to dive beneath each surface and to exult this felt essence; which makes her work full in lightness and romance and gives her a unique point of view under the landscapes that are her references. In addition to this possibilities, her work aims at capture the essential meaning of the horizon in the past of experience, where she seeks to tangibilize in colors, brush strokes and shapes the landscapes that only her eyes can see. They are mental and interior landscapes that add up to the tenuous reference form, carrying a mix of personality, memory and creativity.

The essence of her inspiration is beyond the natural landscapes, finds itself in the search of beauties behind a specific look. The artist believes in inner details of each place, capturing the nuances of thoughts/feelings that are incited to observe, and transcribes it in colors and forms resulting into landscapes that speak to us.