Ju Pereira

Porto Alegre -BR

In my work I mix my passion for traveling and photography with my professional experience in the field of cultural diversity, taking photographs of people and places of our planet. Images reflected in mirrors, shop windows or in the water are what mainly draw my attention. My camera has been the window through which I see and try to influence the world around me.

For many years I have been experimenting with different materials and forms of art expression, including: lithography, wood engraving, porcelain painting, leather, ceramics, watercolours, and, of course, photography that has been my preferred form of artistic expression.

I have developed in this field through the practice and short courses. In the 90's I studied photography in the Netherlands where I live, with the American photographer Bonnie Josephson. Most recently I tutored with the Dutch photographer Robert Goddyn, and photography courses at the Amsterdam Photography Museum (FOAM), and at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where I studied portraits based on the work of painters Rembrandt, Breitner and Vermeer and the course ‘Seeing Through Photographs’ from Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA).

I have exhibited my photographic work in some European countries: France, Greece, the Netherlands and Poland. Parallel to two books on culture and leadership I wrote in partnership with my partner, I published five photography books available on Amazon and Blurb:


Garopaba Distorted; Magic sea; Netherlands upside down; Oranje celebration - The Dutch Kings’ and Queen’s Day; and São Paulo Mirrors - Hidden beauty of a concrete jungle.


At the moment I am preparing to participate in a collective in Athens, Greece and another in Ponte de Lima, Portugal. I am also working on some new books, as well as a photographic series which I am calling "Disturbance", and some of which will be exhibited at the Global Forum Action Learning in Paris and at Andreus Galeria in São Paulo, June 2019.