Maiana Nussbacher

São Paulo - SP

Maiana Nussbacher is a visual artist who studied Administration and Marketing and for 8 years worked in that field. Tired of the daily life of a big company, she felt the need to have more contact with the external environment and to put out her expressive mark in the world. She attended the Faculdade de Artes Plásticas da Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, in São Paulo and has taken several courses throughout her career. Married and mother of 3 children, she intends to expand her activity always seeking new knowledge. Maiana has done several painting courses over the years. She had classes with the artist Fábio Miguez and participated in a group exhibition at the gallery O BARCO, on which he was the curator.

She had the visual artist Paulo Pasta as master and also as her advisor at Faculdade de Artes Plásticas. She has participated for 5 years in the Grupo Fidalga, whose creators are the artists Sandra Cinto and Albano Afonso. At this same time she participated in some group exhibitions with their group and had a strong influence on the way of acting and thinking, taking a great leap in her work. She studied shaped and heated glass with the artist Elvira Schwartz and produced original pieces with the mixture of rigid materials and blown glass. For 5 years, she has been part of the group Conexão Pitaya, formed by contemporary artists whose adviser is the Art Critic Juliana Monachesi, which aims to better understand, reflect and criticize the current world of the arts and its environment. The dream of Maiana Nussbacher is to expose her works in several places around the world with different themes and styles spreading her art to all corners and making people to brighten up themselves to see her work.