Marcelo Paciornik

Curitiba - PR

Paciornik's method begins with the appropriation of themes/characters that permeate everything from everyday elements to pop culture, capable to pass through baroque references still, and then to receive an own aesthetic identity through the image, initially photographic and later, pictorial. It is from his technique of painting, based on the photographic copy, that the artist manages to elaborate a homogeneous view of absolutely different subjects, leveling them to the same aesthetic identity.

The blur, however, is the key element of this identity, for it is through it, along with the unusual appropriation of themes, that Paciornik makes his proposal to the public: to transcend common sense, which tends to believe in painting as an erudite activity and purgative, and challenge this idea from ephemeral elements of objective reality, from image without aura, to question the painting method through this unique parody putted in the language itself.