Mari San Martin

Pelotas -RS

From the South of Brazil, Mari San Martin is graduated in Visual Arts and Bachelor as Design Graphic at the Universidade Federal de Pelotas in the class of 2011/2. Before turning completely to arts in 2016, Mari worked many years in the advertising area. The observation and interpretation that each person carries within itself, the reality concept itself and perception are present concerns in the life and practice of the artist, where she found in her creative process a way to develop and to study the questions related to these subjects. Which factors develop a human being, to which point the choices are active and from where the external interference start to be internal? These questions are translated in works where each planned gesture is followed of experimentation, in a long conversation between intention and chance, creating layers that mix up to the point where it is not possible any more to distinguish which is which. She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro and her work is part of art galleries in São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Brasilia.