Pat Scripelliti

São Paulo - SP

Pat Scripelliti is a long standing artist when it comes to creative activity, with that said, São Paulo market art has only began to know her work. Graduated in Fine Arts at FAAP in the 90’s and post-graduated in artwork restoration at Stitutto Spinelli in Florence/IT.  Her experience with restoration chemistry is reflected upon her love of constant learning and testing with new materials. In her works lives the soul and the emotional perception of the world understood by her. Vibrant and expressive style filled with layers of color, texture and rich in emotional quality. “My work explores the moment where the calm and the force embrace the stranger and the unexpected, so present in the fluid art, where the final result is always a surprise. Exercising the tension of not having complete control under the results like the form of establishing the communication between the chaos and the order. A deep connection with my way of life, fluid and always in transformation.” Pat Scripelliti