Raquel Piffer

Joinville - SC

"Painting for me is an extension of thought, of meaning. It is to materialize the abstract of emotion; it is to give colors and movements to the lightness of what one lives. In these abstraction fleeting moments I paint personality to what I create.

I am a native of Joinville-SC and I am currently living in Araranguá-SC, a beautiful city with a beautiful beach. I started in the arts in the year of 1999 in a basic course of oil on canvas until I fell in love with abstract acrylic.

I like to work with simple materials such as spatulas made from cards, or from panama paper, bundles of liana and straw, stencils, stamps, sticks, forks, spray, textures, material collages, charcoal and vibrant colors.

In my process I use layers and layers of color and texture to create and unify elements. These are layers of addition and subtraction through the scraping of paints thus printing, the passage of time, wastage.

For the background, I usually use thick layers of white paint, I make random scratches marked by fluid paint and charcoal. In the posterior layers I work with striking, expressive, scratched traces that reveal collapse. Urban influences attract me; like tear walls, sidewalks, marked surfaces, all that brings the idea of ​​passage of time.

I am part of the Associação Catarinense de Artistas Plásticos – ACAP in Florianópolis and I am part of Andreus Galeria artist's team in São Paulo."