Rica Andreus

São Paulo - SP

Rica Andreus is a businessman who is passionate about design and architecture. He studied drawing at Panamericana de Arte School, initiated architecture school, but ended up following other paths. Throughout his career, Rica got engaged in different work areas, but never left aside his artistic vein. At first, his collages were just a hobby, but recently the businessman decided to dedicate himself to his art by launching the Andreus Galeria in 2016, which initially would only be to exhibit his works, but eventually became an art gallery dedicated to discover and divulge new artists.


His main references are Piet Mondrian and Keith Haring, as a matter of fact, his work "O Pulo" is a tribute to the work of the artist (Haring). The creation of Rica Andreus is made of one work within the other, each matching the following, shaping a bigger work. In the beginning, his works were made in paper card, cut one by one, defining the base format, the colored overlapping taken from newspapers and magazines. Recently back to his artwork, now no longer just as a hobby, Rica Andreus remained with his early style, but developed a technique of glass collage. The nature of his work is essentially abstract, but the figurative has appeared in his last works.