Saulo Mota

São Paulo - SP

Saulo Mota, born in Brazil in 1970, graduated at Panamericana de Artes School and at UNIFEI. Today he beholds a career of more than 18 years as a visual artist, a career with award-winning exhibitions such as ‘Divas do Imaginário’ which for he earned the award ‘best artists of 2006’, granted by Banco Central do Brasil, a series on which only women were painted. This series also resulted in a partnership with the Le Postiche brand, images of his paintings shown printed on bags. In addition to this fashion partnership, the Divas series also decorated the home of Brazil's Next Top Model, a program on the Sony channel. Saulo participated in interventions, such as the one he partnership with CPTM in October 2007, called ‘Saci Parede’, where images of ‘saci pererê’ (a mystical Brazilian folk figure) were added in all the train stations of São Paulo to celebrate the day of this Brazilian folk figure.

Took part on the exhibition ‘Amado Jorge Amado’, in the cultural space of Caixa Econômica Federal in São Paulo, with more than 7.000 visits during the period, and also in the exhibition ‘Pequenos formatos grandes obras’ in participation with APAP (Associação Profissional de Artistas Plásticos).

The artist made several painting murals at Portinari museum, Dante Pazzanese hospital, among others, participated in live painting performances, works with ceramics, illustrate books, make walls sculptures and recycle materials turning them into art.

He was curator of the cultural space Homem do Brasil, taught creativity course at Banco Central do Brasil, a program aimed to quality life of employees.

Participated of the Cultural Blue Life group of artists; member of the artists group at Caiada house; and works with the artists group Arts Monica Hernandes office. He is a member of ABAPC, Associação Brasileira de Colagem.

Already had exhibitions in Florida, Paris and other cities outside Brazil, and hold a number of art collectors in several countries such as France, Portugal, Germany, Japan, England. Saulo is part of Saatchi Gallery in London.

Is an active participant of the Walking Gallery movement, which began in Spain and later spread to the main capitals of the world. In addition to the series "Divas", Saulo also works with different themes like: animals, abstract, sports and on demand. He is currently present at the permanent exhibition of Art & Sol Studios in Miami and Green Kitchen in Orlando.