Stella Gomide

São Paulo - SP

Stella Gomide is from São Paulo, graduated in Drawing and Plastic Arts at Mackenzie University and graduated at Santa Marcelina College. She has taken courses in drawing with Carlos Fajardo, Cássio Michalany, in the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, life drawing practice at Centro Cultural Vergueiro, painting with Newmann Schutze and Maazo Rek. She participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, receiving several awards. Her work is a reflection upon the city, its lines, its architecture and its inhabitants. In order to bring the idea of ​​sustainability in her works, in recent years she has elaborated the series Arte Sustentável (Sustainable Art), which uses Tetra Pak boxes (juice or milk) that are opened, painted and drawn by removing the paint, allowing to show the aluminized bottom of the box. In a city as materialistic as SP, recyclable waste becomes art. She also carries out digital works, developed in the group "Poéticas Visuais de Interação", at the Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo, under the guidance of Sylvio Coutinho.