Suzana Mendes

São Paulo - SP

Suzana was born in São Paulo (1977). Found herself in the photography in 2010, initiating her studies at Panamerica de Artes e Design School, while worked at Smith Galeria (SP), as assistant. Three years later, she would open her own studio where today she  splits her time between portraits, photography of architecture and design of interiors and, authorial projects, developing works with a oneiric, delicate and sublime aesthetics. Took participation in the group exhibition Espelhos e Janelas (2013), under Armando Prado curatorship,  at exhibition Blanco y Negro (2017),  under Juan Esteves curatorship and at exhibition Projeto Coletivo Galeria 22 (2017). She was also present in the Festival Foto em Pauta Tiradentes (inside the Cycle  of Projections) with the series Womb (2016), Jardim Secreto (2017), and in the Festival InterFoto Itu,  with occupancy of the FotoAvesso (2017). She was a finalist in the Latin-American Festival of MobGrafia in the categories Scenery and Visual Arts (2016) and participated of the 4th publication of the Feira Cavalete (2016), and of two publications of São Paulo Photo Week (2016).  Lately she has going deeper into the photography through groups of studies, courses in Madalena Centro de Estudos da Imagem and with post-graduation at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). Currently, is part of   Andreus Galeria artists team (SP), where took participation of the group exhibition Abstrações Urbanas e Contrates e Forma, both in 2018.  In Paris, she carries out her first internacional exhibition, in Paris College of Art (exhibition Bluring the Lines), in november of 2018, with the series Jardim Secreto. The same series, Bluring the Lines, also had place in Utrecht (Holland), in march of 2019, in the HKUSchool of Media. The exhibition had curatorship of Steve Bisson and Lissane Von Happen.